Airbnb regulation in the city center – Airbnb apartment

Airbnb regulation in the city center is in the hands of the Municipalities. The local tightening of Airbnb apartment rentals became necessary because socio-economic problems and tensions within residential communities arose in connection with short-term apartment rentals.

The indisputable advantage of renting out an apartment on Airbnb is that the property can be rented out more expensively, of course, only if the property owner meets the conditions and complies with the Airbnb regulations. It is worth contacting a real estate agency if you need help.

Airbnb regulation in the city center

Up until now, the districts of Budapest have set strict conditions for short-term apartment rentals, but the regulations will continue to be modified at the end of the year. From December 1, 2022, new rules must be followed, such as providing a dust extinguisher or 24-hour phone availability, posting house rules in English, and having a condominium consent statement.

What is airbnb

Airbnb (AirBed&Breakfast) is essentially an online booking system through which private individuals can rent out their apartments for a short period of time, usually for a few days or a few weeks.

It is used by millions of people all over the world, wherever you can find accommodation to your liking, Airbnb accommodations are really popular. The online platform takes its own commission after each booking, which the guest does not notice, the amount reduced by the commission goes to the seller.

Terms and conditions for renting an apartment on Airbnb

If you have decided that you want to rent out your apartment through Airbnb, be sure to find out about the rules made by the competent municipality of the given area! There are places – especially in downtown Budapest – where short-term spending is subject to strict rules.

These must be known and accepted in order to get started. In addition, the accommodation service activity must be reported to the competent municipality, on a regularized form, and then the tourist tax payment must also be registered.

For example, registration in the NTAK system and the use of a digital document reader in accommodation are also mandatory. If you want to rent out an apartment through Airbnb, carefully review the Airbnb apartment rental conditions!

Why renting out your apartment with Airbnb is worth it

You can rent out the apartment more expensively with Airbnb for a shorter period of time, of course the situation is not that simple. Airbnb is a regulated service with strict conditions that must be met.

Compared to long-term apartment rental, the expenses can be higher (e.g. cleaning costs) and the increased depreciation of the apartments should also be considered.

Airbnb regulation in Budapest

There are several districts in Budapest where the capital city binds the Airbnb license to the redemption of a one-time parking space, which can be HUF 2 million per room, which for a two-room apartment already amounts to HUF 4 million, which will really only be paid by the home owner who thinks long-term about renting out an Airbnb apartment .

Airbnb szabályozás Budapesten

Airbnb regulation in Budapest

Airbnb regulations in condominiums

For the sake of residential communities that want peace of mind, new regulations regarding Airbnb have also been created in recent years. One of the most significant is that the consent of the condominium is required for short-term apartment rentals.

It’s worth looking around before someone buys a property solely for the purpose of Airbnbing.

Airbnb license V. district

The necessary documents must be submitted to the Department of Industry and Commerce of the Municipality if you want to rent out an Airbnb apartment in District V.

Data sheet, settlement image notification, accommodation qualification audit certificate, site plan, map copy (authenticated), certificate of existence of NTAK software, declaration of consent.

Airbnb license VI. district

The VI. In the district, the conditions for an operating license are, for example, the notification of the settlement image, as well as the redemption of the parking space, and a statement of consent for condominiums. The necessary documents must be submitted at the Trade Department at the Municipality or electronically via the customer portal.

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